Club Leaders Updates

  • What business skills would help your club develop? January 16, 2014
  • Does your club use accounting software? March 20, 2014
  • How can my club use hashtags on Twitter and other social networks to enhance our marketing activities? August 8, 2014
  • What changes are happening with Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs)? August 19, 2014
  • Does my club need a policy on social media? August 26, 2014
  • New Club Leaders resources to help your club grow and develop March 16, 2015
  • Club Leaders – Taking On Board Your Feedback, Shaping The Future! July 31, 2015
  • OPEN FOR BUSINESS! September 10, 2015


Face-to-face training for groups of at least 12 club participants focusing on key business skills that clubs need to be sustainable.


One-to-one relationship of volunteers from Club Leaders team who assist locally based sports clubs to become more successful.


Search for clubs in your local area and see if you can get support or advice from within your own community. You can start a conversation with them today!

Online Resources

Your guide to online modules, seminars and toolkits.

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