Not street medicines like cocaine and ecstasy.

Released in the journal Pediatrics, the study revealed that prescription drugs intended for adults make it in to the hands of young children often, those five years of age and younger particularly, and between age range 13 and 19. In the former group, it is typically accidental discovery that is to blame, within the latter group, intentional misuse is certainly a common cause. But in both cases, the end result is still typically a vacation to the er, or in a worst-case scenario, death.All sufferers or their authorized representatives provided written informed consent legally.11 Treatment Eligible patients were designated randomly, in a 1:1 ratio, to intraaortic balloon counterpulsation or no intraaortic balloon counterpulsation . Randomization was performed by using an Internet-based program centrally, with stratification regarding to center. The intraaortic balloon pump was inserted either before the PCI or soon after the PCI, with the timing of the insertion at the discretion of the investigator.