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‘This research shows that large TV-viewing adolescents consume about 200 more calories each day than those who watch a moderate quantity of TV. That is a lot of calorie consumption by anyone`s count,’ he said. Zimmerman also added these findings will not be unexpected for people acquainted with research connecting TV, advertising and diet. Parents Must Take Note The kids are, well, very young still, and it is clear that parents possess a significant role to play in influencing their choices and habits.S9 in the Supplementary Appendix. In biopsy specimens without pathologic glomerular features and in every biopsy specimens of renal allografts from patients without recurrent proteinuria , only fragile arteriolar immunostaining was observed. Three of five biopsy specimens from individuals with a diagnosis of minimal-change disease showed granular staining for B7-1 along peripheral capillary walls, indicating a podocyte distribution . B7-1 was absent in specimens from four of five patients with secondary FSGS, while poor focal podocyte immunostaining was found in a specimen from one patient .