AIDS epidemic leveling off: Is epidemic closing?

AIDS epidemic leveling off: Is epidemic closing? The US is optimistic AIDS could be eradicated, after a fresh report on Monday said the AIDS epidemic is leveling away and the amount of newly infected people with HIV remains unchanged since 2007. But without a vaccine, hundreds of thousands still left untreated, and donations drying up amid the overall economy, critics aren’t getting too excited follow this link . PICTURES: Helps hotspots: 15 claims with most cases They need to get real, stated Sophie Harman, a worldwide health expert at City University in London, who wasn’t linked to the report. Probably they need to aim high, but if their main goal is certainly eradication, it’s highly unlikely that may ever happen. There have been 2.7 million new HIV infections this past year, the same figure as in the three earlier years approximately, said the UNAIDS record.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation blasts GlaxoSmithKline printing advertisements that promote fear of HIV treatment AIDS Healthcare Base is blasting Uk multi-national medication giant GlaxoSmithKline for a recently available series of direct-to-consumer print advertisements that, beneath the guise of patient education, capitalize on patients’ fears of HIV treatment. In a July 30th letter to Mike Leavitt, Secretary of the U.S. Section of Health insurance and Human Services , AHF President Michael Weinstein mentioned: ‘The attached print ad may be the most egregious exemplory case of this type of advertising. This ad is made to instill dread in the minds of AIDS sufferers by telling them that switching AIDS treatment may lead to increased side-results and potentially treatment failure.