A move they say would benefit about 4 million workers this year.

CQ HealthBeat: Administration Officials Campaign To Raise Awareness Of HEALTHCARE Tax Credit White House officials on Thursday highlighted a fiscal 2013 budget proposal to spend $14 billion over a decade to expand a health care tax credit for smaller businesses, a move they state would benefit about 4 million workers this season. The proposal would simplify and build on a credit that was part of the 2010 health care legislation. In 2011, about 360,000 of the approximated 6 million small business employers in the usa are expected to take advantage of the existing tax credit.A culture expecting government bailouts squanders the value of hard gained taxpayer moneyThis brings up the question: is handing out money the ultimate way to fix communities torn up in the wake of organic disasters? Are populations of individuals starting to expect and actually demand authorities bailouts as normal protocol? This norm has been set and the worthiness of the money passed out is easily degraded, destroyed, and squandered by those that have no idea the way to handle money. What happened to older fashioned communities banding together in honesty and charity, resurrecting their livelihood without expecting federal government cash? Why isn’t great money handling rewarded and just why is irresponsibility enabled? Are there improved ways to reassemble communities and people’s lives without acquiring tax money in one person and providing it away to a person who squanders it elsewhere? Natural disaster bailouts seem to be endorsing thievery and fraud.