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But there is a very important factor you need to remember then. If anything goes wrong in any of the operations one cannot holiday resort to legal recourse. Similar logic does apply in the event of Fertility Treatment. There are plenty of couples across the globe that cannot conceive and have a young child due to so many reasons. For them the treatment for fertility is certainly of great advantage. But this once again is a very expensive method and there are many legal regulations that a couple must follow when opting for this treatment.The most severe and regular respiratory symptoms had been experienced by those uncovered in the initial days after the collapse and had been worse than workers who arrived afterwards. Although only 22 percent of workers who arrived early reported putting on a mask on the first day, that had increased to 50 percent by the third day, but the experts say it did not appear to experienced a protective effect. Banauch who is a co-employee professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College in NY says some of the results were the result of acute discomfort of the airways but that smaller sized follow-up studies showed some rescue workers were experiencing more long-term effects.